Signs Indicating That You Need a Better Communication Tool


Over time, we get accustomed to our tools at work. But as the market change, we can also tell that some tools need replacing simply because they don’t work anymore. Transitioning to a new tool like CRM, chat platform and so on, cost money and needs rendition time. But why delay the inevitable?

Frequent Miscommunication Affecting Workflows and Operation

This sign is hard to see because you will need the involvement of your team. However, there are instances where miscommunications are already affecting your workflow and operation. It might be unnoticeable at first, but it becomes more obvious when you are looking at customer satisfaction rate, completion time, and success rate of your team. You may also notice a significant increase in churn rate as customers transfer to other online shops like Lazada and Zalora. Miscommunication not only cause disagreement between teams or staff, but it can also translate to a loss of sales or revenue.

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Some People Are Missing in Action During Meetings

When more and more people are not showing up in your scheduled meetings, it is a sign that your tool is not fulfilling the collaboration needs of your team. They might have missed the message because they are buried with other insignificant chats. Whether it is a personal reason or related to work, missing people during a meeting is not good for your team. You can save money on electronics by using new communication tools that let your team set priority chats and reminders.

Poor Execution of Procedure Changes

If you are in an organization where change happens almost every day, a strong communication line is important. One of the obvious signs you need to look for is when procedure changes are being poorly executed. It means that the message is being skipped due to new incoming messages. You may have a bulletin board which announces the changes; however, we all know that staffs don’t read bulletin boards anymore.

It Can’t Accommodate All Your Team Members

There are communication tools that can’t do team calls if your members are above 25 heads. Your communication tool must attend to the needs of your team. There are better communication tools out there that can do team calls and live calls regardless of the numbers of participants.