Productivity Boosting Tools: Roles of Chatbots


When we are talking about technological advancement, chatbots are one of them. The demanding requirements from customers, bosses, and employees’ individual KPIs are overwhelming. We need better tools, better strategy, and new concepts to help us win against the limitation of time. Chatbots have been growing and have been adopted by legit lazada discount voucher and other big brands.

Handles Customer Queries

Chatbots have the impression of being robotic and cold. For companies who are serious about building a strong brand, they would rather put man-hours on customer service rather than having chatbots take over. Little did they know, chatbots can be trained like humans which means they could respond as if the customer is chatting with a real person.

CRM Advantage and Effective Utilization

communicationUnlike humans, chatbots are accurate. AI will flawlessly utilize CRM to bring you an accurate report. Chatbots can do various tasks such as scheduling, provide real-time sales report, file grievances from customers and escalate it to the appropriate person, and contact customers. All these added workloads can be taken cared of by an AI, so the user can save energy and use it for other significant tasks that require human intervention. AI is a program which means it could be written according to what you need it to do for whogohost coupon. With the help of AI, you can maximize your CRM and understand the whole direction of the operation without spending too much time.

Chatbots Are a Great Personal Assistant

Aside from you using them for operations, they can be utilized for personal use. They can file groupon promo code free shipping on your behalf and even check the best route during travels. Chatbots can also do reminder, so you won’t miss any of your agenda for the day. If you think of it, chatbots are not a threat. They are just programs designed to provide you with extra help.

They Can Even Onboard New Hires

After the orientation process, new hires have to face the production and put their game face on. But sometimes, orientation is just not enough. Chatbots can assist new hires during the onboarding process. They can introduce the organization, teach workflows, introduce next promo code in store and tools, and more. Many companies have been saving efforts by utilizing chatbots wisely.