WorkWise Communication server can accommodate from small enterprises to huge organizations such as fortune 500 companies. Each user can set up their password while the username should be provided and created by your company’s administrator to ensure top security.

If our system identified potential unauthorized access, it may temporarily hold the access. Please contact our tech support. The access to the server can be reinstated within minutes from suspension.

Currently, we have many productivity tools that are integration-ready for free. However, if the productivity you specifically use is not yet registered with us, contact our tech support, so they can create a work order. Integration of tools that are not on our list might take a week to be registered. 

WorkWise Communication has extra added features to help your organization stay organized. With the help of our AI, it can do various tasks that most free communication tools don’t offer. Our system also has added documentation features to help users categorize information, bookmark these pieces of information for later use, and more.

Definitely. Our mobile app allows users to stay connected everywhere, anytime. The logins are also available within the administrators’ rights and access for companies who are dealing with sensitive information.

Offers & coupons are available upon signing up. You may enter the code on your billing information, and it will be automatically deducted on your monthly subscription fee.